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In the past I lived with a friend and we would wake up in the morning and somehow end up reading the Bible together at the dining room table drinking cup after cup of coffee. We would just revel in these conversations about the awesomeness of God. Now I mean “awesome” by its real definition not just the cultural slang “awesome” I mean this: “causing feelings of fear and wonder : causing feelings of awe”(Webster definition.) Our entire mornings would be swallowed up just talking about Jesus and the Word of God. The other night I had the opportunity to Skype with that great friend of mine. When we were talking I brought up a blog he shared that just brought me to conviction.

The blog was by John Foreman,(If you want to read it here is the link-,) it was about his response to protesters at one of his concerts. The blog, to be honest, just made me mad at some points. I was mad because I just couldn’t understand how he was able to respond so humbly and Christ-like! I’m not kidding I was literally thinking “No, No way this guy actoully thought and reacted like this! I don’t think I would even be close to thinking what he thought! I would have most likely wanted to just say that they were crazy people and I don’t like them!” But he responded with a desire to understand them, he responded with prayer and Love! He responded like I would imagine Christ would have responded to His “protesters”, He responded with Love, Truth, and Compassion. He understood these people were flawed, sad, scared, and honestly confused. He wanted to give them life, not another fight or counter protest.

All to often I still jump to my “Fight” response. If someone is protesting God, or my view of God, I just want to destroy them! I want to respond with defensiveness and hurt! But this is not how Jesus responded or wants his followers to respond. I think I need to ask myself the good old question “What would Jesus Do?” I don’t think I ask that question enough in my life. As a result I believe I don’t respond as often as I can as Jesus would. Now with the question “What would Jesus do?” I need to study Jesus in the Word so that I may know the answer to that question. You can’t know what Jesus would do without studying His life and His word.

So I hope someday I can respond in Humbleness, Love, Truth, and Compassion. I hope that my mind and heart become so purified and sanctified that my reactions are “Christ like” on more occasions than “flesh like.” I want to walk closer to Christ and represent Him better every day. And I think it’s possible and reachable. I just have to submit myself to Jesus and His Word, study it know it and Love it so I can Live it. And hopefully along the way I can help people around me better understand Jesus and find life in Him.

Love God                                                          Love People                                                   Make Disciples

Love is just so much work sometimes. Let me explain, for almost the past two months I have been in Guatemala at language school frying my brain learning Spanish. When I came here with my wife I was basically starting at zero. So every day I go to language school for four hours then come home with a head that has worked so hard that thinking becomes a task… So as a result reading my bible has become difficult, praying for anything besides “Lord help me learn this.” has been a challenge. Thinking about deep theology has become nearly impossible it seems and all I want to do is well….. NOTHING!! I’m pooped! Exhausted mentally and I just want to sit here and let my mind go blank! I don’t want to read my bible, pray (except for help), or answer theological questions from my wife. I can barley answer any of my own questions at the moment!

So back to my first sentence, Love is just so hard sometimes… Like now! I don’t want to “stop and spend time with Jesus” or “just get in the word” or “lead my wife.” But the reality is I NEED TO!! Don’t get me wrong I still Love my wife and I still Love Jesus. I just have really dropped the ball lately on acting that love out. I haven’t been working hard in these relationships.. with the excuse of “I’m tired!” which we both know is well… stupid.

Ashley and I have been reading our bibles and praying but I just have been putting in a small effort when I know I need to be giving so much more. I am commanded to Love the Lord with all my heart soul mind and strength. I am also commanded to Love my wife. I know Love is more than just telling them I Love them its showing them, with time, with gifts, whatever is required. I am capable of more than what I have been doing. The Lord will supply all I need to complete His tasks. I just need to stop relying on this garbage that is my flesh and run back to Jesus. I need to continue to work out my faith, I need to continue building up in righteousness, and I need to keep reading the life giving Word of God. I need to pray with all my heart and be honest with God. And I need to lead my wife and buy her flowers a little bit more often.

With the Lord I am capable of completing all of my responsibilities. I am capable of Loving my wife, Loving the Lord, learning spanish, and spreading the good news of Jesus. I’m capable of leading my wife, growing my faith, and learning more about the Lord, my first Love. I just need to have more self discipline, put down the games and other things I’m wasting my time with and do what the Lord my master and King has commanded me to do. For one day I will stand before the Lord and I want to hear “well done.”