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Early this spring I went to Niagara Falls with my soon to be wife Ashley, and our good friends Tal and Natasha. It was a much needed trip to just enjoy friends and recharge. I think I needed this trip more that I could have thought at the moment. This trip reawakened something inside me that I really needed back….. adventure!

This all sparked from really one moment in the trip. We had just got done looking at the falls and we were walking upriver to cross to the other side. I looked over at a log sticking out of the rushing water and all I could do was think about siting on that log. I wanted to sit there with my legs in the water just feeling the water rushing over and around me with such beautiful force. I wanted to feel the terrifying power of the falls. Of course Ashley told me no so I stayed on shore haha. But it really made me realize something, I Love to me in the midst of Gods rushing power! Its a terrifying yet peaceful thing. I men lets be honest the power of God is terrifying when you think about it, a God who can stop your existence at any moment if He wills! A God who has risen and destroyed nations! The God who sets mighty storms, the God who can rain fire from the heavens, the great creator! But yet there is a peace, a peace of security. Knowing that I have a inheritance from this God given to me from Jesus. This God is on my side! He is my protector and my provider. His wrath is not pointed at me but at devil and his schemes. The feeling really overwhelms me and fills me with thankfulness, wonder, and Love for my God. I wonder if this is something I may share with my biblical hero David. For constantly he was in the midst of Gods mighty power. As I read his Psalms I see Gods might and power constantly mentioned. I know not all of Davids heard but maybe he shared this feeling I have. I dont know but what I do know is it brings me closer to God.

All of this It revealed to me that adventure shows me something about God that I just love to dwell in, His mighty power. As I look back it seems that its in my time of adventure that I saw this power most. Maybe its time for more adventures










The fall

The Result of the fall

The effects of the fall

The looking of God at this world and having to say “It’s Broken”

That simple childish phrase “It’s Broken” bears weight, it touches our hearts, it breaks our hearts

“It’s Broken” — it’s powerful, it speaks so much, it’s sad

It’s not tarnished, It’s not dirty

“It’s Broken”

When “It’s Broken” it’s either thrown away or you have to go to great lengths to fix it

When “It’s Broken” it’s out of order, it’s not functioning

When “It’s Broken” it’s not accomplishing its intended purpose

When “It’s Broken” it has been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece, it’s rejected, defeated, or despairing.


Now there is pain, now there is impatience

Now there is killing, death, and work is hard

There is sickness, shame, crying, and starving

There is deformity, agony, and abomination

There is hate, jealousy, screaming, and yelling, shouting and war.


Children without parents, children beaten, children starving, children on the streets without home or care

Children without Love

Children stolen, twisted, killing, and crying


It’s broken

In the past two weeks I have realized that there were allot of things that I knew about God but I didn’t believe. An example of what I’m trying to say would be trusting God for provision. I know that God will provide all I need for what he wants me to do because he promises it and shows His provision many times throughout the bible. He provided a offering for Abraham so he wouldn’t have to use his son(Genesis 22), He provided for Joseph Egypt and his family through five years of famine(Genesis 45), I could go on this is just in the first book of the bible! But if you require more I urge you to read for yourself. Any way this was something I knew but I didn’t believe. How did I know I didn’t believe? I was worried about it! If I believed that God was who He says He is then I would not be worried! Now after some stretching and some illumination from the Holy Spirit I have been shown that I need to believe more! I need to remember that God is who He says He is! He is soooooo big! He is so Powerful, He is all knowing, and in the full definition of the word He is AWESOME! I need to stop this worry and Believe! I Love the Lord my God and I need to be better and showing it to Him, and as a result the world will see this Love and I prey it points to the heavenly Father and When I reach those heavenly gates that he will look at me and say “Well done my good and faithful servant!” I am going to do more than simply be saved. We are called by Jesus to be more than that! We are called to be more like Him! 1st John 2:4-6  “Whoever says “I know him” but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him, but whoever keeps his word, in him truly the love of God is perfected. By this we may know that we are in him: whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” Now I know and believe this! I pray The Spirit has a continual work in my life and shows me more and more about My father not only to know but Believe! Believe and Believe that He is powerful enough to provide all I need to do His will