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Early this spring I went to Niagara Falls with my soon to be wife Ashley, and our good friends Tal and Natasha. It was a much needed trip to just enjoy friends and recharge. I think I needed this trip more that I could have thought at the moment. This trip reawakened something inside me that I really needed back….. adventure!

This all sparked from really one moment in the trip. We had just got done looking at the falls and we were walking upriver to cross to the other side. I looked over at a log sticking out of the rushing water and all I could do was think about siting on that log. I wanted to sit there with my legs in the water just feeling the water rushing over and around me with such beautiful force. I wanted to feel the terrifying power of the falls. Of course Ashley told me no so I stayed on shore haha. But it really made me realize something, I Love to me in the midst of Gods rushing power! Its a terrifying yet peaceful thing. I men lets be honest the power of God is terrifying when you think about it, a God who can stop your existence at any moment if He wills! A God who has risen and destroyed nations! The God who sets mighty storms, the God who can rain fire from the heavens, the great creator! But yet there is a peace, a peace of security. Knowing that I have a inheritance from this God given to me from Jesus. This God is on my side! He is my protector and my provider. His wrath is not pointed at me but at devil and his schemes. The feeling really overwhelms me and fills me with thankfulness, wonder, and Love for my God. I wonder if this is something I may share with my biblical hero David. For constantly he was in the midst of Gods mighty power. As I read his Psalms I see Gods might and power constantly mentioned. I know not all of Davids heard but maybe he shared this feeling I have. I dont know but what I do know is it brings me closer to God.

All of this It revealed to me that adventure shows me something about God that I just love to dwell in, His mighty power. As I look back it seems that its in my time of adventure that I saw this power most. Maybe its time for more adventures










Well last week in one of my classes I had to write a poem. I had chosen the word contentment and so that was what the poem needed to be about. I wrote this poem with how this word applies to me now and to be honest I’m impressed with this poem. I’ve never really wrote poetry before but this might become something I do every once in a while. So here it is!


Beautiful hair kissed by the wind

A sun wormed body smooth and soft

She grasps my hand gentle and firm

Who is this that pulls me

She bites her lip and looks me in the eye

Looking into the soul of another

I see passion love and compassion

Strength in beauty even a love for God is present

I see a face but do not know

Why do I lust so hard

It is not my time I have been told

My mind is consumed with this future gift

Why am I not content

The Lord is more beautiful

The Lord fills me with more passion than lust

His love grace and peace holds tighter than any grip

Contentment in the Lord

Nothing can fill His place

The gift will be given the love will be had

Jesus is enough His gifts come in His will and timing