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This afternoon we watched “The End of the Spear” the story about missionaries bring the gospel to the violent natives in the amazon jungle. If you want the full trailer and a deeper look into the movie click here>>>

Now I have seen this movie before but the last time I saw it I was in a buss headed to the airport to go to Honduras.. sooo I’ll be honest I didn’t pay attention much. But this time I got to really sit down and look at the story and see the message. Now one line stuck out to me the most. The scene was where the pilot was getting ready to bring the missionaries to make contact with the natives and his son asked him “If they attack you will you defend yourself? will you use your guns?” and his father replied with “son they are not ready to go to heaven, we are.” That quote “..they are not ready to go to heaven, we are” hits my heart. It showed me how selfish I have at times with my views of the lost. To see true devotion to God and the advancement of His kingdom was powerful to me and I envy that. I want to walk this world with that view in mind that even when they seek to kill me that I should see them as what they are. Why should I condemn theirĀ arrogance and send them to their eternal punishment? They still need Jesus and if that means that I give my life away by their hands so be it! I know where I am going I AM READY FOR HEAVEN!

Mark 16:15- “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”